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Our Team

Massage center Belgrade was founded in 2016. by Ivana Biočanin and since then we have been committed to provide the highest levels of service excellence in our massage offerings. Our therapists have received intensive and rigorous training in traditional massage techniques, thereby ensuring an optimal experience for all customers.

Ivana is owner and instructor


Massage Instructor

Ivana Pešić is therapist



Zvezdana is therapist



Maja is therapist



What makes an excellent massage experience?

In our opinion, an excellent massage experience has the following attributes, which we are focused on providing:

  • Beautiful and comfortable surroundings and treatment room
  • Treatments that promote good health for body and mind
  • Professional and polite therapists and reception staff
  • Good value prices with no unexpected additional charges

The treatment rooms need to be spacious, well-decorated and well-appointed, to make the customer feel customer. These high standards should also extend to the common area, including the reception and the gardens. Our rooms are among the larger spa rooms in Belgrade and we have carefully chosen all of the furniture and décor to add to enjoyable atmosphere.

Massage treatments themselves should be focused on promoting wellness. We are committed to providing health benefits for both the body and mind. Our therapists are trained to provide massages that help your muscles and our body scrub and facial treatments are good for the skin. We are also committed to offering relaxation to help relieve stress and anxiety.

It is important that the customer is made to feel comfortable at all times during their massage experience. This includes before, during and after their treatments. We have used a rigorous recruitment process focused on recruiting staff with a solid reputation in the industry. Hence, we have selected a team of highly qualified, experienced staff, and have trained them to our exacting standards.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to our competitive and transparent prices. Our aim is to provide a service level that matches or exceeds that of the leading massage centers, but at a lower price to ensure amazing value for money.

How to book your treatment at Massage Center Belgrade?

Phone icon+381 69 699 667